Evaluation of credits transfers to local and regional authorities after a decade of implementation

Authors: Issa Kaboré, Orokia Sory, Charlemagne Tapsoba, Yamba Kafando, Joël Arthur Kiendrébéogo Following the adoption of decentralization as the preferred method of territorial administration under the Constitution of 2nd June 1991, Burkina Faso introduced the General Code of Territorial Authorities in 2004, which defines eleven (11) areas of authority to [...]

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Dynamic Mapping: An Innovative Tool for Transparent and Equitable Resource Management in the Fight Against COVID-19 in Burkina Faso

Authors: S. Pierre Yaméogo, Orokia Sory, Yamba Kafando, Charlemagne Tapsoba, Issa Kaboré, Joël Arthur Kiendrébéogo Burkina Faso’s efforts to respond to COVID-19 have benefited from considerable national and international solidarity, which has been demonstrated through donations, support and multifaceted assistance. To ensure regular monitoring, transparent and equitable management of the [...]

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Strategic Investments in Communication Improve the Fight Against COVID-19: The Case of the 3535 Helpline in Burkina Faso

ssa Kaboré, Charlemagne Tapsoba, Yamba Kafando, Orokia Sory, Joël Arthur Kiendrébéogo Communication is a key component in the response to COVID-19. At the beginning of the epidemic in Burkina Faso, a helpline was set up to allow the public to alert the community of suspected cases and contact cases. This [...]

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